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Saint Poop

I don't know, but that picture is very risque, I can't even imagine how your hair would look like.

peace on earth

that's just a pic of me about to knock somebody block off


It can't be awesomnerer than beautiful long ebony hair.


Ooo, do it! I think it would look hawt!

Mr. Fabulous

I'll tell ya what, there's a crisp five dollar bill in it for you if you do.

Saint Poop

Who are you going to knock block off?

peace on earth

hooo, it's getting hard having a blog in two places. i gotta consoldiate! but mr. fab, if i do it, you best believe i'll be coming to you for that fiver. and i think i'd look hot too annita! totally!

and i wouldn't hurt a FLY poop. a FLY.

Saint Poop

Why the hell not? Those things kamikaze your ears and stuff.



peace on earth

really? and this...from mrs. negative?

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