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Saint Poop

That's a hot picture, I think. I will wait until Virginia sees it and see what she says.


That punk azz beotch Sanjaya needs to go already. Enough with the pity votes!

I'm putting all my bets on Melinda although her innocent naive act is wearing a bit thin.

All the others; forgettable


Virginia likes it.


virginia and poop have good taste. i can see that now.

once more

sanjaya is awful. AWFUL. his hair was AWFUL. they have an article on him on Drudge. these are mercy votes already. i guess some YouTube broad is on a hunger strike until they vote him off because better, more talented contestants are losing out to him. haha, drama. but he sucks, point blank. i don't know about Melinda, she has no neck and plus she spits. i can't look at her and that's an issue. i like lekisha. she can belt it out although that DIAMONDS ARE OMG FOREVER song was ricockulous. but she's money. MONEY I SAY.

SanJINA. The name is SanJINA. Pls make a note of it.


But you got to admit that Sanjaya is good for laughs. I almost wet my jockeys watching his hair bounch around last night :)

Yeah, yeah... Melinda has no neck but you could drive a MAC truck through the gap in Lakisha's front teeth plus her mouth is crooked when she speaks.

But let's FOCUS here!!!
It's all about the vocals anyways, right?
Well, at least it should be...

no dude it's not!!!

it's about being an overal american idol! you have to have the whole package. melinda spits and has no neck; she's an armadillo. at least lakisha is more mainstream ala that dreamgirls chick. she IS kind of blank-eyed though. speaking of all this, did you see McPhee's new music video? it's pretty good. she's going to do better than Daughtry and that gray haired whomever won last year. she's cute and she has talent. i don't see that all-over appeal in this bunch. it makes me cry inside

no dude it's not!!!

it should really be sanGINA


Yah, I'm waffling between sanJINA and sanGINA; I fear that the GINA will make people think geena and thus the joke will be lost on them. Probably because they're retarded, though, and wow, I cannot believe I'm dumbing down my jokes for those people.

no dude it's not!!!

you should never dumb down the funny, woman.

speaking of dumbing down the funny, did you know that jesse is over there at .org saying i got the leftovers?


McPhee has a vid out you say?

Hellz ya I'm gonna watch it and I'll probably freeze frame a bit too b'cause she sure is perty NOT AS PERTY AS YOU! OMG

I had to say that in order to keep my longstanding status of being your #1 fan

Saint Poop

It is good to know I have good taste.

Dawn (webmiztris)

heh, I love Simon too. it seems like everyone hates him, but it's always right, so to hell with 'em all. and yes, he's kinds cute too.


confidence is cute, no matter how ugly the mug. not that his mug is ugly. though it's not un-ugly.


Did you guys hear about Howard Stern trying to foof the vote by getting his listeners to vote for Sanjaya in order to get the worst one to win?

And also? Beat boxing is SO 1993.

peace on earth

i'd only heard that Stern likes Sanjaya, which you know, makes sense, given they both have that fabulous hair. BUT SLIGH? SLIGH HAD TO GO? i don't know, i liked him. that timberlake wannabe could have gone, or that bald Soul Patrol wannabe...but SLIGH? sigh. so lame.

peace on earth

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