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I cannot believe you compared Jen's crotch to a piece of meat. She's not here, did you notice that?

It's because she's totally on her way to Chicago to make you PAY.


haha....sad I missed that one, but the beach was probably worth it


i didn't mean the MEAT part, i meant the FIRE RED part


...i guess that did come out wrong, ew....


oh you're next, Johnny.

i have total plans for you, btw. i'm meating with the talented Miss A. tonite to talk all about them over drinks.


Oh man!! I wanted to see all of you! Why did you edit it out. Bad Crys! Bad Crys!!

Um ... can I get the director's cut?

When you said that you don't drink on days that end in 'y' I totally thought to myself ... that doesn't make sense that she drinks only on Wednesday. Then I realized that perhaps I had been drinking a bit too much just before watching the video.

no dude it's not!!!

i had to edit because i was in 1) waders, 2) boxers and 3) a sweatshirt. YOUR EYES, DAN! I MUST PROTECT YOUR EYES!


yeah, I'm still crushing on your brother. from like YEARS ago. And I wanna see the waders/boxers/sweatshirt combo as well. It would be proof of a benevolent superbeing...because otherwise you're just too perfect.

k, I'm done smooching your ass now.


oh he's a cutie. problem is, he sorely knows it. head is bigger than mine, hon, and that's hard.

wow on the entendres


OH MY GOD THERE'S MORE OF YOU????? I'm totally hot with a hot beaver. If I had known you had a brother... well, I would have still conducted a torried lesbian affair and then innernet married you, anyway.

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